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Elevate the aesthetics of your property with Taylor Masonry’s expertise in cultured stone wall coverings. Our projects showcase the versatility and timeless appeal of cultured stone, enhancing various exterior surfaces.

Versatile Exterior Enhancement

Discover the allure of dry-laid cultured stone, a popular choice that provides a striking contrast to smooth stucco. This lightweight facing adds a touch of sophistication, perfect for fireplaces, basement walls, and even direct application onto drywall.

Adaptable and Foundation-Free

Cultured stone offers flexibility as it doesn't require a foundation, making it a versatile choice for diverse applications. From dressing up the front of a house to creating stunning transitions between stone and brick, our projects demonstrate the adaptability of cultured stone.

Finishing Touches

Explore how cultured stone can be seamlessly integrated into garage walls, creating elegant finishes and smooth transitions, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. Whether used to create piers at the front entrance or transforming the entire front of a house, cultured stone offers a myriad of design possibilities.

At Taylor Masonry, we redefine exterior aesthetics with cultured stone wall coverings.