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Stonework and Stone Window sills

Explore the versatility of natural stone with Taylor Masonry’s expert masonry services. From elegant veneers for outdoor spaces to captivating fireplace facades inside, natural stone offers an array of styles and colors.

Exterior Veneers

Enhance your property's curb appeal with natural stone veneers, providing a timeless and sophisticated exterior. Our skilled craftsmen ensure a seamless and visually stunning finish.

Interior Fireplace Facing

Transform your indoor spaces with the warmth and charm of natural stone fireplace facades. Choose from a myriad of styles and colors to create a focal point that complements your interior design.

Garden Walls

Elevate your outdoor oasis with custom garden walls crafted from natural stone. These not only add structural integrity but also contribute to the aesthetics of your landscape.

Indiana Limestone Solutions

Our masonry expertise extends to Indiana limestone, offering lengths of up to 8 feet. Ideal for replacing deteriorated brick sills affected by the elements, Indiana limestone provides durability and varied height options.

Discover the possibilities with Taylor Masonry’s natural stone solutions.