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Restoration and Repairs

Discover Taylor Masonry’s expertise in restoration and repairs, bringing new life to aging structures. Our skilled team excels in preserving the integrity of buildings, ensuring they withstand severe weathering and water damage over time.

Restoration Excellence

Witness the transformation of historic structures through our restoration projects. Whether it's eroded brick replacement or rejuvenating bay windows, our meticulous workmanship ensures a seamless blend with the original aesthetics.

Mortar Mastery

Experience our mastery in mortar joints, where we rake them back, fill them with lime mortar, and tint them to match existing tones. The result? Completed walls that stand as a testament to our commitment to detail and authenticity.

Cultured Stone Elegance

Explore the beauty of cultured stone applications that provide contrast and character to existing veneers. Our solutions not only enhance aesthetics but also offer a maintenance-free alternative to traditional finishes.

Stone Relaying Expertise

In projects where stones come loose, we excel in re-laying them with precision. Adopting dry-laid techniques, we ensure minimal mortar between stones, combining durability with a timeless appearance.

Preserve Masonry Integrity with Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing is a vital aspect of preserving the structural integrity of masonry. This meticulous process includes grinding out damaged mortar joints, replacing them with fresh mortar, and skillfully using finishing tools to seamlessly match the surrounding joints. Our expert touch extends to a final touch—a gentle brushing with a soft brush.

Enhance Foundation Protection with Parging Services

Parging, a thin layer of mortar applied to exposed concrete or block foundations, plays a crucial role in safeguarding against the impact of rain and snow. Our expert parging services ensure added protection for your foundation structures.

Ensure Structural Integrity with Expert Brick Replacement

Address cracked, chipped, or spalled bricks promptly to prevent water intrusion and subsequent dampness issues. Our professional brick replacement services offer a reliable solution for maintaining the structural integrity of your walls.

Choose Taylor Masonry for restoration and repairs that go beyond aesthetics, preserving the essence of your structures.